content management

BlueEgg realizes the importance of understanding your customer's and employee's web content needs. We strongly believe that a sound content management strategy is the foundation for a well-managed website. Ask yourself:

• Is your website content outdated?
• Do you have information on your site that only certain people should have access to?
• Do you need a way to update your website without knowing HTML?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you need a content management solution. We work with a variety of solutions, from OpenSource and SaS (software as service), to Enterprise and custom programmed CMS. A few examples are:

• Wordpress
• Vignette
• Interwoven Teamsite
• Alfresco
• Sharepoint
• Joomla
• Drupal
• Mambo

BlueEgg can:

• help your company develop a content management strategy
• help select or program a content management tool and transition the content

We also believe that rich, engaging content is key to a powerful and results-driven internet or intranet site. We combine internet and intranet content development with logical and intuitive organization of information and effective web writing to produce sites that allow customers and employees to find the information they need easily and quickly.

BlueEgg can provide services for:

• editing existing or supplied content
• repurposing print materials for the web
• updating and managing content
• developing fresh and creative internet and intranet content

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